Workplace or Personal Coaching

Coaching is a simple idea. Coaches support, challenge and develop individuals to help them achieve personal or professional goals. In short it gets people where they want to be. Simple it might be, but done well it can achieve big things.

Our team are all qualified and experienced coaches. Lisa is a national award winner with more than 10 years’ experience; you can be confident that you’re working with the best.

We have coached numerous senior executives in various sectors such as banking, education, law, sales, medicine and MPs. We've also worked with solo-entrepreneurs, writers, MP's staff, teachers, parents and students, even Bafta nominees and world champions. Lisa is a leader of continuing professional development for coaches in Sheffield.

Coaching can help in these key areas:

  • During change (redundancy, getting back to work, promotions, family and personal challenges)
  • Achieving a specific goal (such as writing a book, losing weight, passing the driving test
  • Building confidence (for example in public speaking and presentations, job interviews, at work)
  • Improving performance (at work, as a parent, personally)

Mental Fitness Coaching:

We are specialists in helping individuals develop their mental fitness to increase their overall levels of success and happiness and improve relationships and productivity. During Covid19 we have provided group and individual mental fitness sessions that people have found invaluable for helping them cope with the stress of a global pandemic and related effects.

"Having someone to talk to and listen is sometimes all that is needed, however Lisa is much more than this and has given me the tools to deal with any future episodes and to manage my journey. I cant thank her enough for her support and guidance and reassurance during the last few months." S.R. mental fitness client.

Group coaching is also available. It can help learning and development and is cheaper! Feel free to drop us an email or give us a call for to find out more.

For more information about any coaching contact us HERE.