Real Clear is a bit different.

Firstly, and as our name suggests, we try to make everything we do Real Clear. Real in that we want it to be based on the challenges and goals that you really have; and Clear so that it really sticks with you. Do you see what we did? Clever eh!

Secondly because we only work with socially minded organisations. From Councils to Businesses, from Schools to Charities, from the NHS to Political Parties and Trade Unions if you want to make a difference, if you want to make the world a better place, we want to help. But if you are calling from Bodgitt, Scarper and Grabber's Short Term Investment Bank you should probably try somewhere else.

Thirdly although we are national award winners with services that are used internationally, we charge local rates so that the people we want to work with can afford us.

Oh, and we like to laugh. We like to laugh because we all learn more when we are having fun and our brains are relaxed.

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