"Today really gave us an opportunity to reflect as a team. Well worth the time out." Angela Rayner MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

"An amazing and motivating session". Ruth Brady, Leader of GMB Wales

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and we were always singing your praises based on the delivery, communication and monitoring you always provided. The learners and schools benefited hugely from having you as part of our DANCOP offering.” Ellie Rowley DANCOP, University of Derby

"It has been so valuable to have your input in devising metric testing for our charity, Behind Every Kick, and we hope that we can continue to find ways to work together as we develop" Debra Fox, Executive Director, Behind Every Kick

"The most useful people management training I've had". Hazel Nolan, GMB Northern Regional Secretary

"Real Clear offers a unique training opportunity for Labour MPs, their staff and Labour councillors. It combines practical skills with the political and helps provide a space to challenge the way we work and develop better habits and practices. I'd be really surprised if anyone in our movement took the training and didn't find it useful." Louise Haigh MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport

"Real Clear help us to get the best out of ourselves so that we can make a difference". Naz Shah MP

“The mental fitness programme and course with Lisa was really helpful for me personally. It allowed me to reflect on my own wellbeing and mental health, look at what I needed to change, and put in place some new priorities that have already helped me improve my own wellbeing and mental health. Lisa was supportive and insightful in her coaching style and approach, which made the whole programme an empowering and valuable process.” Gavin, Caseworker Jeff Smith MP

"The training course was excellent". Matt Killyea, Office Manager, Olivia Blake MP.

"A great series of sessions which we have found empowering." Ben Lodge, Richmond Primary, Rose Learning Trust, Doncaster

"Very fun and engaging way to work through challenging workplace issues". Rhea Wolfson, GMB Scotland

"Valuable and Personable". Jim McMahon MP

"Great course". Louise Gilmour,Leader of GMB Scotland

"A really valuable day". Ruth George MP

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, the training was amazing. I didn’t think I would take that much away from it before I started, but have to say it was absolutely invaluable". Karen French, Office Manager for Ruth Jones MP.

"Thank you". Lee Longstaff, Office Manager, Grahame Morris MP

"Excellent facilitation with the team, which will help in our development as a fast paced, multi-office team" Darren Jones MP

"A really calm, friendly, welcoming environment allowed lots of different personalities in the team to open up and get what they wanted to develop from the course". Charlotte Butterick , European Parliamentary Labour Party

"A lively and thoughtful day allowing us to think clearly about what's really important and how we achieve our aims". Liz Twist MP

"The coaching could be invaluable in improving performance". GMB General Secretary, Gary Smith

"A thoroughly insightful two days. The training was structured, engaging and tailored to each individual's needs". Matt Broadbent, European Parliamentary Labour Party

"I really enjoyed the training, it was really interesting and thought provoking. We have already put some of our newfound knowledge into action." Judy Box, Office Manager, Hilary Benn MP

" Real Clear are a fantastic delivery partner, bringing great training and coaching expertise and experience to our apprenticeship programmes". Paul Di Felice, Principal, Ruskin College, Oxford

"Very Interesting, informative, well-structured with varied activities - fun elements and deep thinking!" Rosie Lawlor, Office Manager for Angela Rayner MP

“Real Clear helped us to work together better. Their way of working is insightful, effective and fun." Lilian Greenwood MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee

"I really found the training useful. The day focussed our team not only on the what and how we work and how we can improve our working practices - but it also stressed how our values are really important in what we do" Judith Cummins MP, Shadow Minister for International Trade

"Was really interesting, and, surprisingly fun!" Shirley, Office Manager, Jim McMahon MP

"Enjoyable, interesting and engaging." Jade Botterill, Office Manager, Yvette Cooper MP

"Engaging, knowledgeable and interesting". Jayne Phillips, NEU

‘A fun, engaging and useful training programme. I feel better equipped to overcome challenges as a caseworker. The training environment felt like a safe space, which made it easier to share ideas and engage in the sessions". Asma Shabir, Caseworker for Naz Shah MP

"The training was very helpful." Shamik Das, European Parliamentary Labour Party

"Excellent. I have come away with a brain alive with thoughts from an effective day full of good learning. All too often I have put the handouts in the drawer and forgotten all about what was said. This has already lived on and been shared. Thank you.” Matt Hannam, Office Manager, Naz Shah MP

“The coaching was enjoyable, very informative and fulfilled all the objectives and expectations. Everyone left feeling more confident and enthusiastic.” Vicky Spender, Deputy Headteacher, Derbyshire

"Excellent course, humorous, thought provoking and challenging - strongly recommended". Rob Macgregor, Unite

"This training really produced some light bulb moments." Claire Reynolds, Office Manager, Jonathan Reynolds MP

"Brilliant Training." Nottingham City Councillor Patience Ifediora

"The Course has given me a new perspective on my role." Mark Fitton, Office Manager for Ian Lavery MP

"Extremely rewarding and will help me improve outcomes at work". Keir Greenaway, GMB Scotland.

"Brilliant delivery with a perfect blend of theory and practice." Jack Wardle, Woodfield Primary, Rose Learning Trust, Doncaster

“The coaching, training and advice have helped us to develop our staff and our pupils’ performance.” Rachel Edwards, Head Teacher, South Yorkshire.

"An enlightening and very enjoyable training day". Judith, Caseworker for Jonathan Reynolds MP.

"Fantastic training, examples and situations which relate to my workplace that I can put into practice straight away." Kat Baker, Office Manager, Louise Haigh MP.

"I was completely cynical at first but the session allowed me to analyse my own priorities and take a step back to observe myself ." Middle leader Meadowhead Secondary Academy, Sheffield.

“Since working with Lisa, I have been head hunted twice, one position offering to more than double my basic wage! I have received a promotion, a larger shareholding in the company and bonus – I also landed a deal crucial to the future success of the company.” AW, Director, National Charitable law firm.

" Very good training, felt very relaxed and enjoyed it a lot. Will put into practice". Donna McKinlay, GMB Scotland.

“Managing and leading volunteers is never easy but working with Andy gave me the skills and confidence to believe that I can do it well." Jeanette Lloyd, leader of 200 volunteers, Derbyshire.

" Great, amazing and excellent." Naweed Choudhary. Judith Cummins MP's team.

"Inspirational training, makes you think about yourself and what you can improve to be a better professional in school." Emma Hermiston Stannington Infants School.

“Lisa provided us with excellent staff training and successfully challenged people's thinking around work-life balance and how they could change their behaviours to improve well-being. She is very knowledgeable and skilled about how coaching can be used in schools to achieve improvement.” Paul Stockley, Headteacher, Sheffield

" Really useful training delivered in a friendly manner." Angela Monk, Office Manager for Andrew Gwynne MP

"Andy understands people better than anyone I know. He never fails to inspire, motivate or make me think.” Oliver Coppard, Environmental and Community Campaigner.

“Andy knows what makes people tick and uses that skill to help them get the best out of themselves.” Ravi Subramanian, West Midlands UNISON.

" Andy and Lisa are good fun and convey complex ideas in an accessible way." Nick Button, Office of Dan Jarvis MP.

"Insightful, thorough and easily applied training." Jake Kelly, Office of Rachel Reeves MP.

" Very informative, clear and relaxed. Felt comfortable enough to contribute". Rona Hamilton, GMB Scotland.