"Real Clear offers a unique training opportunity for Labour MPs, their staff and Labour councillors. It combines practical skills with the political and helps provide a space to challenge the way we work and develop better habits and practices. I'd be really surprised if anyone in our movement took the training and didn't find it useful." Louise Haigh MP

"I really enjoyed the training, it was really interesting and thought provoking. We have already put some of our newfound knowledge into action." Judy Box, Office Manager, Hilary Benn MP

"Their way of working is insightful, effective and fun." Lilian Greenwood MP

"Andy and Lisa are good fun and convey complex ideas in an accessible way." Nick Button, Office of Dan Jarvis MP

"Fantastic Training, examples and situations which relate to my workplace that I can put into practice straight away." Kat Baker, Office Manager, Louise Haigh MP

Political parties and trade unions make decisions that affect people's lives. The people who make those decisions have to work within complex democratic structures and bureaucracy. They have to keep members, stakeholders and the public happy. At times it can feel like a thankless role but at Real Clear we know that it is a crucial one.

We have worked with MPs, their staff, senior councillors and trade union leaders to help them deal with challenging people, manage volunteers and lead people with different abilities and experience levels. We have coached individual MPs, Trade Union leaders and trained whole teams of staff and TU Stewards/Reps.

Our coaching, training and advice includes:

Personal Development Programmes for:

  • MPs and MEPs
  • Office Managers and Chiefs of Staff
  • Senior/Caseworkers
  • Full Time Officers
  • Branch Secretaries and Senior Lay Officials

Training and Development for:

  • Parliamentary Assistants
  • Volunteers

Training topics covered:

  • Management of change
  • Coaching skills for managers and leaders
  • Conflict resolution
  • Strategic/Team planning
  • Action Learning Set Facilitation Skills
  • Managing challenging people and situations
  • Managing and leading Volunteers
  • Public Speaking/Speaking Confidently
  • Management and Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress and Personal Resilience
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Care
  • Understanding Personality
  • Mediation/Mediation Training
  • Introduction to Employment Law
  • Discrimination and Harassment training
  • Mental Fitness

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