The Real Clear Guide to Living in the Lockdown

(Written by Lisa)

When facing uncertainty and fear on a global scale many of us are having two main responses; 1) our own survival, and 2) the desire to help the less fortunate.

Our Clients

Most of the people we work with are trying to adapt to working full time from home while also managing children, older relatives, potential financial or health worries and trying to get to grips with new technology. They’re doing their best to support their communities and have huge amounts of compassion for people in difficult situations.

All this adapting and caring can take its toll.

Covid-19 has been a tough test of our character

Overwhelm gnawed away at me in the early days. I faced work cancellations, my emotional, physical and financial wellbeing felt under attack and I had an increasing number of people needing my help and attention, some in very dire situations.

This resulted in me sleeping badly, experiencing tension and anxiety, and battling with a regular inner voice telling me I should be doing more to remedy the situation both for myself and my community.

Somehow I'd decided (unconsciously) that it was my personal responsibility to save the entire world, while I was inwardly pretty scared about how I was going to manage things for myself and my own family. I'm sure many of you will empathise with how I was feeling...

But...clearly I wasn’t being a good role model as a coach! It took me a few days to realise that I wasn't looking after myself too well, but once I started paying attention to my inner wellbeing I brought back the good habits that I'd spent years developing. It's not always easy to do but very important.

I've attached a one page document that I hope is helpful for people to glance at as a check-in for their own mental fitness. If it's useful please print or save this file so you can see how you are doing with your self care. The better you look after yourself, the more you will be able to provide meaningful support to others.

Keep well and stay safe,


Mental Fitness One Pager Covid 19 [359.89 KB]