"A great series of sessions which we have found empowering, thought provoking and which I am sure will benefit our school." Ben Lodge, Teacher Richmond Primary, part of Rose Learning Trust, Doncaster

"The coaching, training and advice have helped us to develop our staff and our pupils' performance." Rachel Edwards, Head Teacher, South Yorkshire

In our experience people who work in schools care passionately about what they do. They tend to be exceptionally hard working and are motivated not by money but by making a difference for the people they work with.

Real Clear can help make that difference.

We’ve worked with children, school support staff, teachers and head teachers. Lots of head teachers.

We have worked with new Headteachers, building their confidence. We have coached them and their teams to prepare for Ofsted inspections, and developed their leadership skills. We have trained school staff on improving school performance, time management, managing challenging people and conversations, confidence building, communication and improving relationships with parents.

Lisa coaches for national charity 21st Century Legacy which provides the top rated Be the Best You Can Be! programme for schools. She has worked with hundreds of educators across the UK.

Our work and consultation with schools has led us to identify 7 key challenge areas in education and a package of training and advice to meet them.

The 7 Key areas are:

  • Developing Leadership and Management Skills
  • Managing Difficult People and Behaviours
  • Handling the workload
  • Cohort or Catchment Issues
  • Ofsted and Self Evaluation
  • Staff Performance
  • Raising Standards and the School Improvement Plan

We can provide Coaching, Training and Advice on all of these areas. Contact us HERE for more information.

We are also excited to be working with Fusion Teaching School Alliance to provide:

  • Development Programme for Middle Leaders.
  • Development Programme for Head Teachers - "More Head Than Teacher"
  • Twilight Sessions on Personality, Communication, Coaching Skills and Emotional Intelligence.

You can book directly with Fusion at